adaptiv.io’s partner program aims to build new relations and create more opportunities for our partners. Integrating with adaptiv.io will provide you with access to thousands of our customers who can easily access your service and data, and couple this with other partner data to automate in real-time actions through a growing list of action-based integrations. Once integrated, our marketing team will use various channels to promote your new integration.

Why adaptiv.io?

At adaptiv.io, we are constantly evaluating what is best not only for our customers, but for our partners and their customers. As such, we take a careful and measured approach when considering any such integration into our platform based on demand, business interest and technical complexity. Below are a list of desired integration partner categories:

  • Web & Mobile Analytics
  • Ad Attribution & Networks
  • CRM Systems
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Email Campaign Systems
  • Push Notification Systems
  • Backend Data Management Systems
  • Network & Systems Monitoring
  • IoT or Connected Devices


Your customers can use any combination of events and data received or extracted from our integrations to create simple or complex rules that trigger real-time actions. These actions range from marketing campaigns to operations data through our growing list of action-based partner integrations. Additionally, adaptiv.io provides the ability for your customers to send custom events as well as trigger custom actions through a well-defined SDK and REST API.

Patent pending Complex Event Processing Engine powers data automation in real-time.

Marketing Automation Tomorrow

Event-based partner integrations

Action-based partner integrations

Committed to Future Development

We as a company have to constantly adapt to the perpetually changing landscape of the internet as such we are members of many industry groups. As an example, with the growth of the “internet of things” or “connected devices”, we are part of two (2) of the strongest standards committees leading the way in how connected devices will play a role in our daily lives. These types of involvements further shows our committment to provide marketers and developers the tools they will need to succeed in their jobs by having insight and influence in the connectivity, management and location identification for devices in the home and across industries.


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