About Us

Founded in 2007 by two video game industry executives in the back room of the old Newport Beach Surf Shop as Sleepy Giant Entertainment.  We started off developing large scale backend technology platforms for some the most high profile games such as Activision's Skylanders and Call of Duty Elite, Disney Infinity, Fox's Family Guy Online, Elder Scroll's Online, Pokemon, Company of Heroes, and UFC Undisputed.

After seven years, and lots of experience garnered along the way, we decided to take a step back to analyze the market needs, which had shifted towards a commoditization of backend-as-a-service technology. At the same time, a rising market need emerged for data automation. We assessed the key technologies that we had developed to be most successful – namely, our analytics, rules and integrations engine – and saw how we could improve and market these solutions to the broader and the faster growing marketing automation market. It seemed fitting to rebrand the company to something that more aptly described the product which we were offering - the birth of adaptiv.io.


And, yes, we still reside in Newport Beach, California. Yet, we've come a long way from our roots and our original office in the back of the Surf Shop in Balboa Peninsula.

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Our Vision

Quite simply put be INNOVATIVE, CURRENT and FOREFRONT.

We live in a very exciting time where an ever increasing number of people and devices are “getting connected”. What this means is that the amount of data being transmitted is only going to increase. Our belief is that this data can and should be utilized to provide customized experiences and functionality to those people and even devices respectively.

Just like our clients, we as a company have to constantly adapt to the perpetually changing landscape of the internet, the advent of new technologies and the bridge to the more traditional offline side of businesses. We believe our ability to creatively solve complicated problems will allow us to shape our product accordingly and expand proportionately to market demands.

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