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Make Your Data Work For You

Marketing automation that moves the needle on engagement and monetization.

Marketing Automation Today

Digital marketers today are faced with an enormous amount of data from disparate systems, decreasing the accuracy of their marketing data.
Excessive Data
Excessive Data
The recent explosion of mobile has created a need to couple existing analytics data with data from other platforms and channels.
With more and more apps integrated into 3rd party systems like BaaS, commerce, and CRM solutions, orchestration is now crucial to your business.
Marketers must adapt to create unique user experiences to foster engagement and retention despite decentralized systems and scattered data.

We’ve discovered that digital marketers need a more efficient, flexible and intuitive solution to engage their user base, increase monetization, and stay competitive in the market.

Marketing Automation Tomorrow

At, our focus is to be the marketing and data automation platform of the future coordinating all your digital marketing and operations efforts. Our continuously growing library of integrations allows you to manage cross-platform and cross-channel campaigns without with little to zero engineering assistance.

Use our console dashboard to create rules that you want to trigger in real-time as events are analyzed.

Marketing Automation Tomorrow

Our growing list of integrations and custom API allows us to capture events for you to create advanced cohorts and rules.

Determine what to automate from your rules. i.e., push notifications or configuring a user profile via partner integrations.

Our patent pending complex rules engine enables digital marketers and developers to access out-of-the-box rule sets as well as customized rules to trigger real-time actions. Actions ranging from defining the user's in-app experience to automating outbound marketing campaigns.

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